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Shanavas shanavas.m2 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 09:57:10 PDT 2015

I installed it. But feeling alone :'(

On August 3, 2015 11:37:02 PM GMT+05:30, Pirate Praveen <praveen at onenetbeyond.org> wrote:
>Hi folks,
>Finally we have a drop in replacement for WhatsApp that we can
>to anyone (Telegram server was never Free Software, though I heard they
>are going to release it soon), its Kontalk. See kontalk.org
>There is also TextSecure which almost as good, just that its developers
>insist on using Google Cloud Messaging for supporting push messages.
>Both of these options are Free Software, decentralized, and end to end
>First option, no corporate dependency, built on top of xmpp standard
>can interact with any existing xmpp accounts, though it still needs
>more polishing) and run by community. We can run our on kontalk server
>and we hope to run kontalk servers on diasp.in and poddery.com soon
>(currently we run prosody xmpp server for diaspora and once we can
>switch to tigase, same server can serve both kontalk and diaspora. see
>The only missing feature is groups, but it is under development and
>we'll have it pretty soon.
>https://github.com/kontalk/androidclient/issues/179 (expected for 3.0.5
>or 3.1, current version is 3.0.2)
>You'll need android for registering to kontalk for now. Once you have
>account, you can use it on the desktop/laptop.
>Second option, still needs google cloud messaging. It has an iOS
>and browser extension is under development. It is available by default
>on CyanogenMod.
>So if you have an android phone, install it and share it with your
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