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Balasankar C balasankarc at autistici.org
Tue Nov 24 09:13:37 PST 2015


[First of all, sorry for cross posting to different lists]

We are planning to conduct IRC sessions on Introduction to Debian Packaging
starting this Saturday (28th November, 2015). The idea is to get people
interested in contributing to Debian, by packaging the free softwares they
use and love.

For learning purpose, we would be dealing with the packaging of Ruby gems
that are needed to get two awesome free softwares into Debian - Diaspora
and GitLab. We can also discuss about packaging other stuff, like softwares
written in other languages, fonts etc once we are familiar with the basic
concepts. We would be logging the session for future references and the
logs would be made publicly accessible.

The details of the sessions are given below:

*Time:* 10:00 PM IST to 12:30 AM IST (May extend to about half hour based
on the situation of the session)
*Server:* irc.oftc.net
*Channel*: #debian-diaspora
*Requirements:  *
1. OS - Debian GNU/Linux preferred (Can handle even with Debian derivatives
like Ubuntu). It would be better to have Debian Testing (Debian Jessie is
also acceptable, but you may have to install newer versions of some
packages) installed.
2. Working internet connection
3. Mind to learn and ask questions.

*Note: *If you are new to IRC, use this link http://webchat.oftc.net

So everyone interested to learn packaging and contribute to free software,
do come online in IRC (and please be on time. :D ). Also, share this
information widely and ask your peers to do the same.

Happy Hacking. :)

Balasankar C
IRC: bsc @ Freenode/OFTC/Mozilla
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