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If someone interested, Freenode: #fuchsia

[11:18] <abarth> we use jiri to manage our repositories
[11:18] <abarth> with that tool, there's no one repository that's the 
root or the center
[11:19] <abarth> https://fuchsia.googlesource.com/manifest/ is the 
closet thing
[11:19] <abarth> but it just has XML files that way where to put all the 
other repositories
[11:19] <abarth> on your machine
[11:19] <abarth> so, the repo named "fuchsia" just has some docs in it
[11:20] <abarth> the more interesting repos are the ones like 
[11:20] <abarth> which contain some actual code
[11:20] <iamjbn> ok, this is new info to me. thanks..
[11:20] <abarth> they all exist in the github mirror (e.g., 
[11:21] <abarth> 
https://fuchsia.googlesource.com/manifest/+/master/README.md says how to 
get a copy of everything on your machine, which is probably an easier 
way to look at it

[11:22] <jkljljlkjlkj> so is 
https://fuchsia.googlesource.com/magenta/+/master/docs/ the best source 
/ the only really source of documentation about the project?
[11:24] <abarth> different parts have varying degrees of documentation
[11:24] <abarth> Flutter has extensive docs at https://flutter.io/ and 
[11:25] <abarth> Mojo has docs long with the code in 
[11:25] <abarth> magenta has docs at the URL you've linked
[11:26] <abarth> modular has docs 
[11:27] <abarth> etc
[11:30] <@travisg> right, fuchsia is really a collection of a lot of 
parts, and will grow over time
[11:30] <@travisg> magenta is just the core kernel + system services + 

[11:44] <iamjbn> How could I contribute?
[11:44] <abarth> depends what you're interested in
[11:46] <abarth> one good way to get started is to work on documentation
[11:46] <abarth> for example, the magenta docs don't list all the 
syscalls that exist
[11:47] <abarth> that's also a good way to explore the system
[11:48] <abarth> another way to help out is with drivers
[11:48] <abarth> e.g., try to get the system running on some hardware 
that doesn't quite work yet
[11:48] <abarth> and figure out what's missing
[11:49] <iamjbn> ok...
[11:50] <abarth> if you want to work on something higher level, you 
could try to add support for viewing PDFs
[11:50] <abarth> e.g., adding https://pdfium.googlesource.com/pdfium/ to 
the build
[11:51] <abarth> and creating something that's a hybrid of 
[11:52] <abarth> the former being a PDF viewer that ran on a previous 
iteration of the system and the latter being an example that shows how 
to draw to the screen


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