[smc-discuss] [Git][smc/rachana][master] 2 commits: Enlarge dotreph glyph by 15%.

Rajeesh K V gitlab at mg.gitlab.com
Wed Aug 24 22:44:08 PDT 2016

Rajeesh K V pushed to branch master at SMC / Rachana

6ea25a71 by Rajeesh K V at 2016-08-25T11:02:06+05:30
Enlarge dotreph glyph by 15%.
Dotreph glyph looks slighly small in comparison to other glyphs on hiDPI.
Fontforge also seem to adjust glyphs like zhth1th1, zth1th1u1, zhn1 etc for no particular reason in this diff.

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6ef5c300 by Rajeesh K V at 2016-08-25T11:13:47+05:30
New Regular ttf with enlarged dotreph glyph

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2 changed files:

- Rachana-Regular.sfd
- ttf/Rachana-Regular.ttf

View it on GitLab: https://gitlab.com/smc/rachana/compare/6f8c71ec51454d7853ea0be9ff381588b4d641c9...6ef5c300aacffb093dd7b6d45e7b1e57c02dd411
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