[smc-discuss] [Git][smc/rachana][master] Contextual lookup for സ്ക്ല

Rajeesh K V gitlab at mg.gitlab.com
Thu May 19 09:37:07 PDT 2016

Rajeesh K V pushed to branch master at SMC / Rachana

6f8c71ec by Rajeesh K V at 2016-05-19T18:36:12+02:00
Contextual lookup for സ്ക്ല
Test case: ഡിസ്ക്ലൈമർ

Signed-off-by: Rajeesh K V <rajeeshknambiar at gmail.com>

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4 changed files:

- features/lookups.fea
- tests/tests.txt
- ttf/Rachana-Bold.ttf
- ttf/Rachana-Regular.ttf

View it on GitLab: https://gitlab.com/smc/rachana/commit/6f8c71ec51454d7853ea0be9ff381588b4d641c9
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