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Aadhaar isn’t progress -- it’s a big step backwards.
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Hello there,

In case you missed it, Mozilla recently appeared in the Indian press.

Last week, an op-ed by Mozilla Executive Chairwoman Mitchell Baker and
Mozilla community leader Ankit Gadgil of Pune was published in the Business
Standard. In it, they called on the Government of India to pause the
further roll out of Aadhaar until a strong, comprehensive law protecting
individual security and privacy is passed.

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Their position is based on Mozilla's business and community values. They

*The protection of individual security and privacy is critical to building
safe online systems...One of Mozilla's founding principles is the idea that
security and privacy on the Internet are fundamental and must not be
treated as optional. This core value underlines and guides all of Mozilla's
work on online privacy and security issues—including our product
development and design decisions and policies, and our public policy and
advocacy work.*

Click here to read the full op-ed via our blog.

Then please share the op-ed about Aadhaar on Facebook
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Please join us in standing up for the privacy and security of Indians by
sharing this op-ed with your friends and colleagues.


Ashley Boyd

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