[smc-discuss] [X-post] Free Software User group Thrissur reactivated with GNUkhata workshop

Pirate Praveen praveen at onenetbeyond.org
Tue Mar 7 19:11:16 PST 2017


We met last week in Thrissur and planned a GNUkhata workshop in a short span as Abhijith Balan was in Kerala.

The workshop was important in the backdrop of recent announcement by Kerala government to switch to Free Software for higher secondary as well (high school curriculam is Free Software already).


Many higher secondary teachers joined the workshop as tally is replaced by GNUkhata in text books.

Bady also designed a new website at http://thrissur.fsug.in

We are hoping to organize more workshops to keep up the momentum.

If any other communities want a sub domain of fsug.in or fosscommunity.in, just ask here.
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