[smc-discuss] Mozilla.org in Malayalam: how to prioritize l10n tasks

Peiying Mo pmo at mozilla.com
Mon Nov 27 00:38:52 PST 2017

Hello Anish and Malayalam l10n community,

Thanks for looking into localizing the mozilla.org pages in the Malayalam.
The locale is enabled for this site, but due to falling behind, you will
only get redirect pages to en-US, which is not ideal. At this point, as
soon as you finish the pages, you will see them go live in day or two. I do
the manual push to production almost daily.

*Please read this email in its entirety *as I help you prioritize the pages
and avoid you from wasting your time localizing pages that are no longer
active on production.  Where to do what and where to look for information.
If you have more questions, please ask through this email thread.

*Pontoon*: https://pontoon.mozilla.org/ml/mozillaorg/
Localize your files here. Do NOT use this as your page status dashboard. It
contains files no longer needed (active) on production. In other words, it
doesn't have to be 100% complete.

*Web project dashboard:*
This is where your current state is. Notice the detailed information for
each of the file: string count, word count, priority status (5 star is the
highest), and deadline. You have missed all the deadlines so let's focus on
the ones that are most important and work backward.

Notice at the beginning of each file name, there is a green icon P. Click
on that, it will take you to the file on Pontoon, avoiding the need to
search for the specific file.

*Priority: *
So many files, where to start. Please use this as a reference to help you
tackle this huge task -

*Common string files:* the following files contain strings that are used in
several files. By completing the files, you won't see a particular page go
live as they are NOT web-page specific, but common strings used on
navigation bars, footers, download buttons here and there. Without them
completed, you will see mixed language pages.

   - download_buttons.lang
   - main.lang
   - firefox/shared.lang (this file controls all the file activation under
   firefox/products/... and firefox/features/...). Be sure to complete this
   one before proceeding to files listed below.

*Quantum files:* These files are tied to Firefox 57 release.

   - firefox/hub/home-quantum.lang
   - firefox/new/quantum.lang
   - firefox/products/developer-quantum.lang
   - mozorg/home/index-quantum.lang (highest priority among these pages)

*New Firefox related:*

   - Firefox/products...
   - firefox/features/...

*The rest:* go by the star rating, 5 is the highest priority.


   - *Check for errors: *When you are done with translating a page, check
   for possible errors on
   https://l10n.mozilla-community.org/webdashboard/?locale=ml (notice there
   is an error column in the table). If it is empty, then it is error free, :).
   - *Brand names* such as Mozilla, Firefox, Pocket remain in English
   - *Importance of localizing mozilla.org <http://mozilla.org> site*: it
   contains marketing content for your language. Here is an article on how to
   market Firefox and other products in your language:
   - *Leverage transvision.mozfr.org <http://transvision.mozfr.org>* for
   terminology consistency, especially when multiple people are involved in
   localization:  Here is an example: if you want to see how other Indic
   communities have localized the string:
   click on the green color link All locales:

   - *Testing mozilla.org <http://mozilla.org>*:
   - *Using Pontoon*:

*Communications channel:*
For future email communications, please make sure to register to the
following mailing lists:

   - *web-projects mailing list* (mozilla.org, etc):
   - *product mailing list* (Firefox desktop and mobile products):

Thank you all!
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