[smc-discuss] Be a pioneer – delete Facebook

Kunjappu Abhijith.R gadha1998 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 23:50:07 PDT 2018

>My vote is neutral on this.

Alas, there is no possible way to be neutral in this as, in the face of
exploitation, neutrality is by default in favor of the exploiter.

>So you think privacy, democracy are not
>important or SMC should not betalking about it?

Facebook is, more or less,practically a privately owned marketplace. You
can chose not to go there and not to preach there, but you would be the
only one losing audience (as the people are not yet familiar with the
concept of open marketplace). In my opinion, this issue should be faced in
two separate fronts.

One, Individual users (such as me and you) is unnecessary and for the sake
of our policy and politics, we should indeed move away (delete, deactivate,
or just go completely inactive)  from facebook and other privately owned
corporate marketplaces  to better and open public spaces (Like Diaspora).
This would not only imply our political stand, but also make diasp and such
communities a more lively place to be (specifically for small communities
that actually constitute the society).

Two,  We should be keeping the page of smc alive in facebook until, diasp
becomes a more lively environment for such communes to be.  While we do
dispise facebook, there need to be a realization that, there is a specific
social need that facebook is tapping on. That is a depoliticized,
disorganized mass of human minds perceptually lost and lonely in the vast
seas of data in this digital era. We are, as a society trying to rediscover
ourselves in order to adapt and survive the digital era just as we did on
it's predecessors.

These people, are not looking for a neatly formatted discussion place that
diasp offers, instead, what the seek are just random bits and bites of
stuff to spend most of their microscopic free time in before being
swallowed once again by society under the continuous stress and strain of
work/study. The social system (such as capitalism) which is founded on
competition is necessarily reaching it's final breaking point and it's
going to hurt a lot of people with it's eventual fall.  Anyhow, we could
not let a single corporate, or a group of corporates design our future in
this era for us behind closed doors of intellectual property. We should be
using our access in the private marketplace to advertise and advance the
public place. We need to actively show them the alternatives and
possibilities (even if facebook's manipulative algorithm might swallow it
as a whole).

On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 11:34 AM, Pirate Praveen <praveen at onenetbeyond.org>

> On തിങ്കള്‍ 09 ഏപ്രിൽ 2018 11:09 വൈകു, sooraj kenoth wrote:
> > I am not neutral, I propose that page to be there.
> So you think privacy, democracy are not important or SMC should not be
> talking about it? Should we only look at the number of people we can
> reach irrespective of the harm facebook does to the entire human race?
> Or are you of the opinion that facebook is harmless? Or the benefits
> outweigh the concerns?
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