[smc-discuss] Chillu characters not displaying properly in PDF converted using libre office

SUBRAMANIAN M msmani.ceg at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 20:45:51 PST 2018

      In our application users can type contents in tinymce editor and we
are using Libre office to convert HTML to PDF, Malayalam is one of major
languages we have to support and none of us know Malayalam. In the past few
days we are receiving issues related to chillu characters getting split
while converting to PDF-Our client use Meera as the default font for
Malayalam. Upon debugging we found that when the user explicitly select
Meera as the font in tinymce editor then everything is fine in PDF but when
the user don't select any family and converts to PDF then the chillu
characters are not displaying properly. Initially we thought it could be
because of some other font is used in PDF but there also only Meera font is
used. One thing I could see is that multiple Meera fonts are available in
client's server.

While exploring I found that the representation of chillu characters have
changed since unicode version 5.1. The characters stored in our application
is of previous format i.e. using ‍ for chillu, i want to know from
which version of Meera started supported for unicode version 5.1. is the
latest version Meera font supports chillu characters stored using unicode
5.0 format. Expecting some directions from this community on how to debug
this issue.

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