[smc-discuss] Freesoftware meet at Kerala Literature Fest Venue on 11th January kozhikode

Kannan V M kannan at disroot.org
Wed Jan 9 09:04:50 PST 2019

Since Richard Mathew Stallman is giving speeches on 11th and 12th at KLF19, many free software enthusiasts are coming to KLF19. It would be great if we can meet and network at the venue on 11th and 12th, preferably a meet at 11th after noon/evening, it would be an unofficial free software meeting <3. 

	For discussions, go to this loomio post. : https://www.loomio.org/d/ocQlAMXi/meetup-at-kerala-literature-fest-2019-venue-on-11th-january- (https://www.loomio.org/d/ocQlAMXi/meetup-at-kerala-literature-fest-2019-venue-on-11th-january-)

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