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Subject: Call for Volunteers for DebConf Organizing Team in India.

Namaste everyone,

The time to take action for getting DebConf to India is upon us now.
For those who are unaware of DebConf, It is Debian project's Developer
conference. In addition to a full schedule of technical, social and
policy talks, DebConf provides an opportunity for developers,
contributors and other interested people to meet in person and work
together more closely.

We have been talking about it here and there for a while. It is time to
finally take action. We have around 3 months to take some very important
decisions for DebConf Bid 2021.

We will need to bid for DebConf 2021 at this years DebConf 19 this year
in Curitiba, Brazil. Unlike last year, when we did an Informal bid for
a DebConf in India [1]

- DebConf 20 in your City - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJg7UOSqWJU

this year would be a formal bid, with confirmed details of organization
of the conference.

Over the years we have had some Mini Debian Conferences and DebUtsav's
in various cities of India. It would be great if the people who helped
with these events join in the planning up for the bid and subsequently
for DebConf in India

We need volunteers in various roles. I am mentioning them some of them
below. But please make sure you initiate a separate thread if you want
to help with them. If you have any questions regarding volunteering,
then you can reply on this thread or create a separate thread if the
context demands it.

 1. Finding venue for Debconf
 2. Approaching colleges/organizations who can host DebConf.
 3. Volunteers looking after logistics and operations of the conference.
 4. Food arrangements
 5. People who can deal with Government authorities (state/centre)
 regarding various issues ranging from Visa invitations to legal
 permissions and stuff.
 6. People who can handle social media, edit wiki's, write event
 reports, blogs etc.
 7. Designers who can design logo's T-shirts, banners etc.
 8 All rounders, who accomplish tasks as they come through.

If you are interested in volunteering in for the bid and the subsequent
conference please add your names to the volunteers list on this wiki
page. And join the communication mediums listed on the page


[Note: Due to spam control restrictions, Debian Wiki accounts can take
time, in that case, you can ask some of the existing volunteers or ask
on the discussion groups mentioned on that wiki page, and we will add
your name there and assign you a suitable task to help out with.]


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