[smc-discuss] Listing of free fonts

Akshay S Dinesh asdofindia at gmail.com
Wed Nov 27 00:50:03 PST 2019

> Thanks for the suggestion regarding the details to be included. But I
> don't think it'll be wise to hardcode the wiki page if all these details
> are to be included. I thought about automation, but then the page will
> become non-wiki-like (no direct editing).
This is better maintained as a wiki. We should have generic details like
font name, foundry/maintainer, repository link, website (if any), formats
supported (otf/woff, etc). Let us not have "last updated" as that doesn't
have/give much value in the case of fonts. The information of whether a
font is unmaintained can be added in remarks. Thus, my suggestion is to not
leave this to automation, rather keep it a human curated list.

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