[smc-discuss] Why is C₂ conjoining as a modified form of second consonant not implemented for റ and ള?

Ajith R ajithramayyan at yahoo.co.in
Wed Apr 22 02:59:46 PDT 2020


I have a doubt regarding how fonts implement the conjuncts where the C₂ conjoining as a modified form of second consonant is attached to the first consonant. All fonts that I encountered implements this for യ, ര, ല and വ only. However, the truth is that in Malayalam this form of conjuncts are formed for റ and ള too, though the glyph would be the same as ര and ല respectively. What is the reason for the restriction of imposing ര at all places to get the form,  സ്ര instead of allowing റ too, similarly for ല  and ള?

This has implications beyond the look of the font. When you analyse Unicode coded Malayalam text, the proportion of  ര in our language is artificially inflated. Moreover, people get the impression that സ്ര is spelt / pronounced സ ് ര and not സ ് റ.

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