[smc-discuss] Fwd: Urgent Request : Endorsement on Representation against Mandatory Use of Aarogya Setu for Workers

Nandakumar Edamana nandakumar at nandakumar.co.in
Thu Apr 30 04:24:15 PDT 2020

I always speak against making the use of any app or mobile devices 
mandatory, regardless of their privacy/freedom status. I haven't tried 
Aarogya Setu nor read its privacy policy, so I can say nothing about it 
in special. However, if SMC takes a stand against it after verifying the 
allegations, I wouldn't say it's a bad move. Could someone please share 
any links that would make cross-checking possible? Has anybody in this 
list tried Arogya Setu?

Also, what about the data collection by state govts? What are they 
using? What is the privacy/freedom status of those apps/services?

NOTE: If there is anything political going on, I'm unaware of and 
uninterested. My stand against privacy/freedom-killing apps and services 
is truly unbiased, whether they are from Facebook or the govt, or any 
political party.

Nandakumar Edamana

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