[smc-discuss] WhatsApp and mental torture in school communities

Nandakumar Edamana nandakumar at nandakumar.co.in
Sat Jun 6 19:04:13 PDT 2020

On 07/06/20 6:48 am, Nandakumar Edamana wrote:
> 5. I **personally** am not a fan of decentralization unless it's to the
> device-level, because it feels like nobody is in charge, although it's
> all about making you feel like "you're in charge". Think about
> Wikipedia. Yes, there are thousands of MediaWiki instances running out
> there, but we only need one Wikipedia instance. If it ever gets
> problematic, we can then spawn another one.
This only applies to apps that aren't interoperable, and not Matrix.

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