[ilug-tvm] International Conference on Freedom in Computing Development and Culture organized by FSF and IT Mission

ashik salahudeen aashiks at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 01:46:00 PST 2008

Hi all,

A very important announcement.

FSF India and IT Mission are organizing the "International Conference on
Freedom in Computing Development and Culture" here in Trivandrum , from Dec
9 to 11 . The speakers include such luminaries as Richard Matthew Stallman
(RMS), Jimmy Wales(Founder of Wikipedia) and George Greve(President,
FSF-Europe). The community has been invited for participation in this event.

Anoop Jacob Thomas, Jamesettan (FSF-India) and myself met with Mr Arun ,
government's special officer for FOSS. He told us about the conference and
has requested support from the community . As the first step , content for
the  website http://www.fsfs.in (which will soon go live) has to be created.
Anoop Jacob Thomas has agreed to do the work.

Things that we could do are : Promotion of the event , conduct an
installfest and probably conduct workshops. The speaks will be conducted at
different places in Trivandrum and parallel to that there will be an
exhibition at Kanakakunnu which is open to public. So we need to chart the
events/worshops we as a community could do for the event. It is a great
oppurtunity for us to get public attention and more involvement.

Ashik S

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"Freedom is the only law". 
"Freedom Unplugged"

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