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There is a code of conduct violation raised by Santhosh here. It reads
"SMC has a code of conduct(https://smc.org.in/code-of-conduct.html). In
general, it is a principle to criticise code and not people, avoid judging
people based on technical decisions. Even if such criticism exist,
communicate in person, in project forums. Calling my technical decision
immoral, illegal, hypocritical after 4 years of that decision, without any
enquiry, in public forum is a clear violation of code of conduct in my
opinion. I leave that to rest of the community. No contributor in SMC
should face such threats for contributing."

This is the first code of conduct violation reported in our community. I
think This needs separate attention and resolution separately


On Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 12:16 PM Ashik <aashiks at aashiks.in> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I called for the following people to join me to investigate and
> recommend actions on the public statement issues by RIT.
> 1. Joice
> 2. Aboobacker
> 3. Akshay
> 4. Balu
> 5. Anoop P
> 6. Praveen (thank you !)
> I wish to have the entire process documented transparently and
> discussions (other than personal bits, since we are friends too) to
> happen in the list.
> To start off, we first have to verify the claims related to copyright
> and attributions being made.
> I have created 3 issues in our issue tracker to track it.
> - Missing copyright information [1].
> - Reviewing claims regarding attribution for test cases [2].
> - Reviewing claims regarding attribution for build script [3].
> Please read through, add references and comment on these issues. This is
> the first step that we have to take.
> NOTE : Since the list is public and the statement we are investigating is
> in
> English, I recommend that we keep all discussions on this issue in this
> thread and in English.
> 1. https://gitlab.com/smc/fonts/rachana/issues/12
> 2. https://gitlab.com/smc/fonts/rachana/issues/13
> 3. https://gitlab.com/smc/fonts/chilanka/issues/9
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